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About Us

With over 20 years in the imaging business, Alamo has built a solid reputation for quality patient care and leadership in the use of advanced medical technology. We provide advanced mobile imaging to nursing homes, doctors’ offices, assisted living facilities, home health care companies and the prison system. We even do house calls!


Used to be mobile imaging teams had to lug around large X-ray machines and photographic cassettes. Not anymore. With our new digital systems the image is instantly viewable on the imager itself. The medical team can see what they need to see on the spot. And if the image isn’t exactly what the team needs, our technician takes another — there’s never a call back to re-image. That’s good news for the medical team and great news for an elderly patient.

Alamo has just brought on line a couple of brand new Source Ray SR130 DR systems, the only ones in our service area. The SR130 is a top-of-the-line x-ray machine, and when combined with the DR (Digital Radiography) imager, creates the most advanced mobile digital imaging system around, allowing instant review of images onsite and around the globe via Internet. Our DR technology enables patients’ physicians to log in online and view images, almost immediately after they’ve been recorded digitally. And doctors appreciate our patient management system that enables them to instantly call up archived images for comparison.


As good as we treat your patients, we know that we have a responsibility to make your staff’s job easier as well. It is our goal to meet and exceed your expectations. That’s why Alamo Mobile has streamlined service ordering as much as possible with forms that are preprinted with ICD-9 and CPT codes. Our facility and clinic clients know that they can make same day or long-term scheduling decisions with a single call, and that our technicians will arrive on time with all they need to complete the session.

After the call, we’ve made it easy to manage your account. Each client, whether a medical clinic, nursing home, or home health care provider, has full control over their database of patients. Once they log in to our secure servers, they can access all their patients and archived images.

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